Evidence of Connections

Human Awareness

Our awareness is generally assumed to be housed inside our brains, so, by implication, your thoughts and feelings are known only to you.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

“… we’re in effect broadcasting our emotional states all the time (and receiving others’). Of course, we communicate emotional states in other ways as well… but even without body language and additional clues, we transmit a subtle signal. We can’t keep it in. All of us affect each other at the most basic electromagnetic level.” 1

The HeartMath Solution team

This quote comes from rigorous scientific research about the heart’s ability to communicate emotions at a distance to other people. Other scientists have proven that we transmit information through more than the usual five senses, and it can be picked up and interpreted by another’s brain, nervous system and guts.

Is the information sent meaningful or helpful? Absolutely! Psychotherapists have evolved skills to track these subtle levels of communication and use them for the benefit of clients. Bert Hellinger, a German philosopher, developed a healing method called Constellations, which relies on the fact that everyone picks up such transmitted information. It also reveals that the content profoundly influences people’s health and wellbeing, whether they are conscious of it or not.

Connections to the Web of Life

Such interactions are not restricted to humans.  There is now overwhelming evidence that we are also transmitting and receiving information to and from the web of life around us.  And it can be understood.

This is not news for some.

“Attitudes about interspecies communication are the primary difference between western and indigenous philosophies. Even the most progressive western philosophers still generally believe that listening to the land is a metaphor. It’s not a metaphor. It’s how the world is.” 2

Jeanette Armstrong, Okanagan Canadian author and Director of the En’owkin Centre

Indigenous peoples all over the world have demonstrated abilities to communicate intuitively with other-than-humans. Typically, the Shaman took responsibility for the multiple relationships with the web of life. Through keeping them in balance, he or she maintained the health of the tribe. But now these earth-based cultures have been decimated by colonization and the dominant culture views their perspectives as ‘primitive superstition’.

At this point in history, such dismissals are unacceptable. The sheer weight of experiential evidence, even within western culture, confirms that humans are connected to, and communicating with, the beings around them. For example, there are botanists who credit plants with describing how they should be used. Intuitives who find lost pets through the animals’ own descriptions of their locations. Case after verified case of contemporary individuals reporting that wild animals respect boundaries when explicitly asked.

Again the science confirms the connections. Statistically rigorous procedures have generated clear data: animals and plants are capable of tuning into our intentions and responding appropriately.

Intelligence Beyond Human

“Once you have really communicated with animals, it is impossible to go back to thinking of them as inferior or limited.” 3

Marta Williams, teacher of Intuitive Animal Communication

What comes to light is that animals and plants are sentient and intelligent in ways our culture finds hard to believe.  It’s not surprising, then, that even the people who directly experience these communications often stay quiet.

“If I came out and said these things… I’d get into trouble… I wouldn’t be able to publish. I wouldn’t be able to speak.” 4

Quoted in A Language Older Than Words

New Maps

So it is known that such communications are happening – how is another question. While experimental science corroborates the experiential findings, it is clear that there is more going on than most theoretical models can explain.

Even this is changing. As researchers combine the latest holistic science with consciousness explorations, a range of new maps emerges. Different theorists coin their own terms, such as the Implicate Order, the Zero-Point Field, the Akashic Records, the Source Field etc. Yet all these ways of interpreting the data point to our physical reality being far more interconnected than previously understood.

In turn, physical reality is not separate from our awareness and intentions.

“In a universe in which all things are infinitely interconnected, all consciousnesses are also interconnected. Despite appearances, we are beings without borders.” 5

In The Holographic Universe

The details of the evidence outlined above will feature in a documentary and are due to be published academically.

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