The Importance of Connections

The evidence compiled by Forgotten Connections indicates that:

humans have an innate ability to communicate with the consciousness of nature.

Why is this important?

Because the benefits reported from communicating with nature at consciousness levels appear endless – for both humans and other-than-humans. These benefits can be seen at very personal levels, as well as accruing to large-scale systems.

On the smaller scale, there are:

  • improved relationships between people and animals for example easing domestic tensions or enabling a stable to operate more efficiently;
  • human psychological and physical health improvements through the use of medicinal plants – as guided by the plants themselves; and
  • missing animals being found through their own descriptions of their locations.

On the larger scale, impacts have included:

  • significant reduction of disease organisms on crops leading to higher yields;
  • faster regrowth of forests after logging; and
  • successful negotiations of deals with wild animals, for example when coyotes stopped killing chickens in exchange for receiving the entrails when any birds were slaughtered.

This is not just a luxury pastime – commercial farmers who have learned to listen to the life on their farms describe having lower vets bills and a reduced need for chemical inputs. In their view, such approaches are the only way to produce food sustainably. At a time when humanity is facing ecological and agricultural crises, we cannot afford to ignore these approaches.

Fortunately a few universities are now researching such methods and Forgotten Connections is pleased to be collaborating with some of them (see Research page).

It is worth noting that these communications are not about dominating nature to solve our problems. There is a consistency in the messages from other-than-humans: they seek equality, respect and mutuality. When these qualities are embodied in the exchange between humans and nature, what can seem like miracles take place. It is a process of learning about our right relationship to the web of life.