Forgotten Connections is a film that challenges assumptions about ourselves, and the world around us, as never before.

This exciting new documentary reveals the inspiring truth of our invisible interconnectedness. There is a way of knowing, long ignored in ‘civilized’ cultures, by which humans can communicate with the world around them, intimately. Moreover, there are old and new traditions holding wisdom about how to communicate skillfully with the web of life. Indeed, such consultations emerge as the forgotten key to maintaining the health of individuals and nature.


The power of the evidence comes from the diversity of credible individuals and long-standing disciplines all pointing towards the same conclusion. From indigenous cultures to modern day business managers, psychotherapists to scientists, all find that ‘interconnectedness’ is not just some New Age notion, but is experienced by each of us everyday. A brief summary of the evidence can be found here.

Crucial to the film are examples of how utilizing these subtle connections and communications can enable powerful positive change in the world. This is not just a luxury for people with lots of time to explore their relationships with their domesticated animals! Commercial farmers who have learned to listen to the life on their farms report lower vets bills, early disease detection in plants and a reduced need for chemical inputs. These methods could lead to breakthroughs in our ability to produce food sustainably as well as fundamentally change our relating with the other-than-human world.

The breadth of the film means it has a very wide audience appeal. It is particularly relevant to: environmental and sustainability networks; indigenous campaign groups; agroecological research; and the spiritual market. In addition, by taking a stand and being explicit about the consciousness of the world around us, it dovetails with films such as Aluna and Standing on Sacred Ground, supporting their case from a different perspective.


The research is complete, with key international experts in all areas committed to contributing.

Seed funding has supported the filming of initial contributors and full funding is now sought for the production of this feature length documentary.


If you are interested in being involved directly or by contributing financially, please get in touch at